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tv   Today  NBC  December 31, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back now with more of "today" on this monday morning, new year's eve, 2012. we're out here, enjoying the last day of the year with a group of folks. pretty cold out there in times square. i'm willie geist with erica hill. joining us this morning, great co-host. >> i can't believe i'm on the plaza. with all these fine people coming out for new year's eve. so nice to meet you, too. >> nice to meet you, too.
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>> the billy to the willie and i'm coming in hot. >> i think you're going to like t we'll talk more about kit. >> learn everything there is to know about kit. also ahead, we're taking a look back at some of the best in entertainment of 2012. oh, yes, here they are. of course, all the movies. you name t we'll also look ahead to 2013, what you can expect. >> all right, guys. on the computer, those instagram, but now there's cinnagram, poke. >> i'm big on twitter. i'm getting better on the other stuff. >> i'm following my 10-year-old on this. aall the trends for 2013. >> plus we'll take a look back at the year that was, some of the best doing gangnam style. >> yes! >> lots of dancing on this show when you look back. al getting loose. man! you don't realize how much dancing there was until you see
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it all at once. let take a look at it in a few minutes. first let's go inside and get a check of today's top stories with andrea can ining at the ne desk. >> i love all the dancing. happy new year. hillary clinton will be spending the new year in a hospital. doctors discovered a blood clot after suffering from a concussion earlier this month. just released gallup poll, most admired woman. president obama is the most admired man. congress will spend part of the new year in session, trying to come up with a deal that will prevent the nation from going over the fiscal cliff. the american academy of pediatrics has released a new statement encouraging elementary
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schools to let kids have their play time. recess gives children the opportunity to develop skills that can't be taught in the classroom, that it should not serve as a substitute for phys. ed. class. fond farewell 75 watt incandescent light bulb. under law, they can no longer be produced or imported as of january 1st though retailers can clear their remaining stocks. government will turn out the lights on traditional 60 and 40-watt bulbs in 2014. it's what everyone is talking about, i think. reality tv star kim kardashian and rapper kanye west are expecting their first child. west made the announcement last night at a concert in atlantic city. west is 35. kardashian is 32, she is in the process of divorcing kris
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humphries, whom she married in 2011. still ruled at the box office, stayed on top for a third straight week despite serious competition. "djang unchained" debuted in second place and "les mis" came in third. long underwear may be a must tonight for anyone ringing in the new year in times square, the chilliest since 2009 and 20 degrees colder than last year. midnight kisses might generate just enough heat. and all those people. it is 9:04. back to al with another check of the weather, sending a virtual kiss for new year's to aal. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kellogg's special k products. >> nice way to start the year, a virtual smooch from andrea canning. very nice. we are here at the rosemont pavilion, where they put together some of the floats for
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this year's 124th tournament of roses parade. rfd 3d float. over 10,000 roses, 15,000 incarnations and look at that american flag. again, all floral, perfect stuff. this is just amazing. let's show you what we've got as far as the weather is concerned for the last day of 2012. not so amazing from the southwest all the way into indiana, where we have winter weather advisories in effect. look at this storm getting itself together, bringing snow to the north of it, rain to the south of it from kansas on into ohio. we're talking about anywhere from one to six inches of snow. but as you get into central kansas we're talking as much as nine inches of snow and rainfall from waco to memphis, one to two inches of rain. th
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>> increasing clouds but not as call with last wind and temperature is 41-45 and may be an isolated sprinkle overnight, most areas are dry >> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> al. you could just hear al singing in that break from pasadena. now from "today's" take three, we take on issues that have you talking. kit joins us. >> kit hoover. >> look at the cute girls in their dresses and i'm dressed like i'm going sledding. >> no, you look super cute. >> erica has polka dots, too.
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>> you're doing okay. what's it like working with the bush men, billy bush? >> i love the bush men. at 40 to get the call to do that job, i was a stay-at-home mom at that time. i was like, cha ching. here we go. we go live every day. it's been a dream. we joke around for one hour straight. >> he loves you. >> you can tell. >> talks about you in glowing terms. >> really? >> i talk to him offline. he won't tell you to your face. >> is he jealous we're together? >> you'll see a picture of my husband coming up and you look like a stretched out version of my husband. he's a little smaller than you. >> oh, really? >> yeah. you can't tell there. that's my husband, crowley s sullivan and my children. >> you have three kids. >> we all do. >> look at these adorable people. >> that's campbell, hayes,
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little crowley, 10, 9 and 5. this is me, trying to get the christmas card. >> i took like 100 pictures for one. >> nobody is cooperating. no one wants to be there. my son wouldn't wear a collared shirt. that was like december 24th. >> that may have been it. looks like a joke, but merry christmas. >> i e-mailed her to tell her how much i loved her and she did it all. >> this is too nice right now. >> hit me, willie. >> if kit looks familiar to you it's not just because of access hollywood. >> oh, lord. >> let's go back to mtv. >> that's the boy i made out. >> you made out with him? >> oh, god, this is going to get good. >> what are we doing? >> i like him after you shaved his head. >> i like to call that my beer swollen face.
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i was 23 right out of college, good beer fat swollen -- >> i know all about that. >> if you don't have it, you're not having fun. reality tv was not any good then. honey boo-boo has me to thank, snooki, you're welcome. i paved the way! parlay this into anything, that would be great and kept running with that. espn, little jobs here and there. >> cold pizza. >> little cold pizza. >> i followed kit hoover's career. >> you were in atlanta together, right, my hometown. >> we were, yeah, headline news. >> is it true you were most athletic and homecoming queen in atlanta? >> come on. where are you digging all this up? >> he has sources, lot of sources. >> i go deep in atlanta. >> the joke with the homecoming queen was the whole school voted and so my dad was like, you really cornered the seventh and eighth graders. and i loved playing sports. it's so neat to watch the
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transition. girls sports now is so huge. i was lucky enough to run at carolina. gpa was not the highest. top 48. i skated right in. >> you won hardship there. >> i won hardship. >> you got married age 24. >> i met my husband at 24 and we married at 29. together a long time. when you look back -- >> you have the cutest relationship. >> thank you. i literally got so lucky. thank godness i met him when i did. he's just the best. we all know marriage, you're just hanging on tight. i cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by, that we have the three kids and now both working. that's my new year's resolution is not about giving up sweets or working out. i want more time with my husband. >> that's a really good one. >> i can't love crowley sullivan more. if he's watching, honey, coming in hot for the new year. >> she is coming in hot.
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>> police misses her man. >> the girls and i were talking, party at your house tonight. >> we all go to bed at 10:00 pm. it is going to be a blast. it will be huge. we talked enough about kit. >> yes, please move on. thank you very much, by the way. >> our take two, top new year's eve destination. according to travelocity, this is where people like to go most on new year's eve. start at number five, los angeles. >> warm weather. >> number four, vegas. >> definitely been there. >> viva lass v vegas. that's where you go in your 20s. i did. >> number three, south florida. great get away. number two, new york city. before we show number one, what do you think? >> i didn't even look. >> don't look. >> i'm surprised. new york city should be number one. with the ball dropping. >> i don't know what else is left. >> any guesses? >> omaha. >> good guess. orlando. orlando, florida.
9:12 am
>> no. >> you have the kids. >> harry potter. >> go get loose with the kids. >> you can't have a list where the kids should go and one for single people. my new year's is always the day before school starts. my calendar starts in september. that's when i buy new shoes for everybody, we eat healthier. >> january 1st means nothing to you? >> nothing to me. it's amateur night. >> blue mountain, canada, where it's a great place for new year's, i have to say. >> i'm moving us ahead, as we're running out of time. these are new year's eve party beverages. kit, you mentioned honey boo-boo. we'll talk about honey boo-boo's goo juice. >> go-go. >> what is it? >> go-go juice. >> oh, excuse me. must be this one here. >> oh, dear lord.
9:13 am
>> mountain dew with bacardi limon. what do you think of that? no. >> what's worse than giving your daughter caffeine and mountain dew and she said i could be giving her alcohol and they said i'm gla glad you're not. i guess this is what you would be drinking. >> do you want one? >> my baby daddy. >> you can pull it off. >> i went -- >> hunger games drink, 50 shades of gray drink. >> which one is that one? >> olympic rings. >> willie, knock that back. >> this is my favorite. >> it looks like it to me. >> gangnam style drink. we're going to knock these down. while we do that, celebrities that stood out above the rest in 2012 after this. [ woman ] weighing myself in times square is a little frightening. i weigh myself naked. can i take my clothes off, too? [ woman ] oh, i don't want to look.
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look at that body, willie. from kate middleton's fashion moments and her pregnancy announcement, "us weekly" has come out with their celebrity yearbook of 2012. here to recap the hot headlines is senior editor, writer ian drew, looking so dapper this morning. >> so nice to see you on this coast. we get to see you more often. >> let's talk about you. >> just mixing it. i had to give you something today. i had to give you a little show here. >> it's working. >> besides you, who is the best dressed celebrity of the year? >> i don't hold a candle to kate middleton. mama-to-be middleton really tore it up. she never looked bad. she couldn't look bad. the green dress we just showed that was stunning and she never had a dull moment.
9:18 am
she was upstaged by someone who had a leg up on her, angelina jolie. it wasn't as much about the dress but that leg. she threw that leg out there, it's how she worked the leg. the dress is amazing, too. >> i love the leg out there. i got that everywhere. >> everyone is photo shopping that all over the place. >> 2013 should be kate middleton's year, too, because her pregnancy style will take over everywhere. >> it will be for sure. all hands on deck to make sure everything is perfect. >> what are the most talked about fashion moments? >> beyonce, we voted her america's hottest mom in our fashion issue in september. she never stop ped as well. there was never a bad moment. the thing about beyo nce is that even on the street she looked amazing. red carpets, on the street. she tore it up everywhere. kate middleton, of course, had many more public appearances. but beyonce had a year where she really laid low and was a mom
9:19 am
and looked good. >> that's where you separate the men from the boys. >> stars just like us, taking out their garbage, they look gorgeous. >> we also had michelle williams, who looked perfect, heidi klum, gwyneth paltrow. >> let's talk it girl in hollywood. >> of course, jennifer lawrence. she started out with the hunger games and everyone thought she's like the new kristen stewart but then did a 180 when silver linings playbook came about. nominated for a golden globe. it will be her year in 2013 because another hunger games movie is coming. >> she is so good. >> and just likable, too. >> showed such versatility. both roles were totally opposite. she was amazing in both. >> besides willie geist, leading man for 2012? >> channing tatum. sorry, willie.
9:20 am
>> i yield to him. >> he had the vow and 21 jump street along with magic mike. i think that's why women loved him so much. he is the new hunky leading man that all the women look out for. he is also expecting a baby right now. it's going to be a big year for him next year as well. they're also doing "21 jump street." >> are you on board with that program? >> will ferrell, when i have to pick my go to guy, will ferrell is my guy, anchor man. >> really? >> yeah. >> somebody for everybody. >> yeah. >> as they say. >> i've never heard that from the woman's point of view. >> little belly on him. >> man's guy, funny. >> man's man. >> is there an it guy in hollywood this year? >> channing tatum, of course. he really ruled it. you also saw ben affleck who is always a hot guy in hollywood. blew people away with his direct
9:21 am
orrial skills, daniel day lewis as "lincoln," hugh jackman in "les miserables" and ann hathaway, of course. i saw it last night. it blew me away. >> what about music? >> one of the best years like ever for taylor swift. >> ever, ever! >> she had "we're never ever getting back together," the best kiss-off anthem ever. that was number two on my best songs of the year list actually. and gotier who came out of nowhere from australia with somebody i used to know, this very odd duet that sort of took over the charts. we also had fun with "we are young," this new rock trio that had a song called "some nights" and carly rae jepsen. "call me maybe." you can listen to it on the treadmill for the entire 40
9:22 am
minutes and it works. >> we haven't even mentioned gangnam style yet. >> are we ready to retire? come the new year -- >> i say that until it comes on the radio. >> i see willie with one of these. >> we'll be singing it tonight. >> happy new year. we're back after this. [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker-upper... now costs even less.
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>> feeling much better today now that we are taking out of high winds with temperatures into the low 40's with increasing clouds. there is a storm system affecting its members did with a minimal amount of rain or snow. our high of 42 will be tomorrow. by wednesday, we are dry
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ >> that was the scene earlier this morning in sydney, australia, welcoming in 2013. we still have a while to go here. about a million people will be right here in times square to do it. i'm willie geist along with kit hoover, co-host of active live. >> i'm taking lenny, your number one fan, and we're going to go out there and wreak some havoc. >> get in there with the people? >> and wave. >> you're not allowed to have booze in there. did you know that? >> no. >> that's something you should know. >> i will watch it cozy from my hotel. >> i think that's probably the smart play. from 2013, what to look for
9:31 am
online from viral videos to new apps, online world changes so fast. what you might be talking about next year. good news for air travelers in 2013. i'll believe that when i see it. spruced up airports, more leg room, which is great for you on flights, more wi-fi and faster security lines. >> kit hoover doesn't need a lot of room, does she? >> i cramp up easily. i'm like lily tomlin on that chair. >> she is dangling off the couch. how about that? we'll take a look back at the fun we had here on "today" in 2012. it was a busy one from the hottest music acts out on the plaza, to the london olympics to al creeping out matt there. >> what was that? >> all the fun we had in studio 1a. first, let's hea out to pasadena for a check on the weather. that's where we find al. good morning. >> hi. good morning, willie. hey, kit, good to see you as
9:32 am
well. and we're here in pasadena. rosemont pavilion, where they build some of the great floats in the 124th annual roses parade airing here on nbc starting at 11:00 am eastern tomorrow. we're on the honda float, the sponsor of the parade. really beautiful floechlt lat. lot of activity going on. you'll see it in action tomorrow morning. as far as your weather is concerned, starting with new year's eve day, a lot of wet weather making its way through the south. snowy conditions from the southwest and ohio river valley. brutally cold temperatures in the plains. for your new year's eve midnight celebrations it will be wet through the gulf coast and on in through the mid mississippi river valley, icy in the central plains. snowy from central kansas all the way into ohio and parts of interior new england. cold out west, including here.
9:33 am
as we move into new year's day to start 2013, it will be wet down through the south. look for snow through the central plains and we're looking at more wet weather in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on arot' and >> increasing clouds the day but it feels better with less waiting period for tonight, we may see an isolated sprinkle or snow flurries but nothing major >> don't forget, you can watch nbc's coverage of the 124th annual tournament of roses parade hosted by yours truly and allison sweeney "the biggest
9:34 am
loser" coming up 11:00 am eastern, 8:00 am pacific time right here on nbc. now back to willie and kit. happy new year. sounds like a western. willie and kit riding again. hey now. >> firing on all cylinders. >> you do that rose parade. >> we live right by there. al is like three miles from my house. the key is under the mat, if you need a place to stay. >> he is getting up early tomorrow. what is hot online in the new year, after this. it 's
9:35 am
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because it works. well, from twitter to instagram, these are the buzz words, but what will be new for the new year? i feel like this was the year of twitter. is that fair to say? >> totally. it was the year you waim wake up in the morning, twitter is in our dna, where we're getting our news now. news breaks on twitter. if you're anyone, you have to be on twitter. that's totally -- twitter. >> one of the things that being resistant is futile. for me, you work on the news business, it becomes a ticker. >> the humble brag, my favorite thing. humble brag tweets. >> we have our dark side of twitter but also have people who do good things on twitter but there will always be a humble brag.
9:39 am
always stay away, but -- >> why was this the year of the a-lister for twitter? >> most powerful man in america had the most important, most retweeted tweet, when he got re-elected. 22 minutes he already broke the record for most retweeted. >> four more years. >> four more years, then justin bieber and lady gaga battling it out. they're at 32 million each. interesting to see in 2013 who comes out on top. >> the pope has twitter. >> the freakin' pope has twitter. >> by the way, he doesn't follow anybody. the pope doesn't follow anybody. >> it's incredible, i know. if the pope is on twitter, it's time for everyone to get twitter. >> from god to the pope. >> i know. >> quick delivery system. >> what about the year of the big comeback? >> absolute favorite person is sally jesse raphael.
9:40 am
she is hilarious. everyone can join in on the discussion. sally has an equal footing. she can really show her personality. hilarious. >> what about cher? >> cher is amazing. best people on twitter are people who are honest and raw. you know that cher is on her iphone typing out her tweets, like that's totally cher. >> she lets it come out, goes all caps on you. >> all caps. loves exclamation. >> she's amazing. in 2013 she has a new album out and has been teasing it with tweets, i'm working with lady gaga. it will be a pretty cher year. we'll see. >> i like that. >> apps, is nstagram, changes the way we take pictures. >> so easy to use. my mom isn't on facebook or twitter, but she's on instagram. you can share photos easily. they have 100 million users now. sold for $1 million.
9:41 am
it will totally be in -- next year you'll be using it more and more. >> my kids use instagram because they're not on twitter or anything. what about snap chat? >> i know. all my little cousins have snap chat. you can spend a picture to someone. you can decide how long they can see it for. >> what's the length? >> one to ten seconds. then it disappears forever. it's suddenly gone. now we have facebook created their version called poke. in 2013 we'll have to see if -- who will come out on top. >> mission impossible stuff. destroys itself when you get it. >> it's awesome. really fun. i use it to send crazy faces or if i see something crazy on the street. it's to send something you normally wouldn't send. >> basically it's for crotch
9:42 am
shots, let's be honest. >> we'll see some scandal. >> we love a scandal. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> you have great hair, matt. >> thanks. what's in store for travel in the new year, after this. i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c.
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totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] oh hi, yes. wow you really went all out on the decorations, huh? yeah, but i'm so slow taking them down after all the fatty holiday food. but that's normal. what do you mean that's normal? it doesn't have to be. to me normal means feeling good inside. not slow. try some activia. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten three times a day. keep a video diary and let me know about your new normal. this morning on "today's" travel, looking up for 2013. you know what a hassle it can be if you've traveled in the last year. >> these are good seats, though. >> can you recline? you going back?
9:46 am
>> couple of first class seats for us. the new year brings exciting new upgrades. with conde nast traveler, lisa. >> wi-fi will become prevalent everywhere you fly. do expect fees. it's another way to get a fee out of the customer. >> sometimes it doesn't work. i feel look i've paid, i do it i'm an hour deep into the flight and it still isn't on. >> don't expect the broadband to be what you're expect used to on the ground. sitting for six hours it's nice to have the option of wi-fi. >> any chance the security lines get better this year? >> if you are a frequent flyer, you will have a bit of a reprieve. thanks to the tsa, they are extending their precheck program, which allows frequent
9:47 am
flyers to basically blow past the security check because they have their background checks on file. you don't have to take off your shoes, belt. >> how do you get on board with that program? what do you do? >> expanding it to more airports in the u.s. you can pay $100 and apply through global entry, which is a program that allows for free security checks and your passport control as well. >> i flew with my kids. they don't take their shoes off, under 12 already. >> fur a member of the precheck, your kids can go in the line with you. >> you're buying that for me. >> that's your christmas gift. how about new planes in these fleets? >> good news is that a lot of older models are going out to pasture. we're excited about the 787 dreamliner in particular. 20% less -- more fuel efficiency and it is also made up of composite materials instead of aluminum which allows for better cabin pressure, little more
9:48 am
humidity on board, more comfort. windows are larger, lighting is more subtle. better experience. >> more room maybe, too? >> don't expect a lot more room. the airlines install the seats. however, the seats themselves are more comfortable and you get more technology and more amenities as well. >> i heard maybe beds, not only international but long flights? >> yes. if you are a red eye flyer, and a lot of us are, between new york and l.a., san francisco to seattle, expect to see more lie flatbeds, completely lie flat in business class. if you can get them, take them. it's like flying across the ocean while flat. >> body scanners you see in some lines. >> hate those. >> put up the sign like that. are we going to see more of those? they do move you through quicker. >> they do move you through quicker. they're here to stay for the most part. what will be mitigated somewhat are some of the health concerns that are coming out initially, congress has commissioned a study to show that the emission
9:49 am
of radiation is safe. you don't have to worry about it affecting your health as well as your dignity. >> lisa gill, thank you so much. >> traveling alone, too, all that space. >> go sit with her. >> lisa, thank you so much. a look back at "today" in 2012. >> first this is "today" on nbc. i got to say it! >> you got one.t!w=!n
9:50 am
9:51 am
as we say good-bye to 2012, we want to take a look back at the fun we had on "today". >> happy new year, everyone. >> look out the window and you can see the people who are looking in at us. ♪ baby oh, baby you're the one ♪ >> i have to say, this is a very unusual way to start the show. there's no matt. but apparently he's on his way.
9:52 am
>> so sorry. >> you are late, you know. >> the storm was coming. the waves on madison were huge. >> matt took savannah's blackberry, because she was trying to tweet with it. >> full fledge panic. >> it's in that drawer right below you. >> you have to do the weather, though. >> you're right, it is. >> i could be naked here. i'm naked here. i'm naked. i'm a 54-year-old naked man here. >> what's the name of your favorite book? >> "war and peace" by leo -- >> no, no. >> nice try. >> please. >> commercial, everybody. >> savannah's favorite book growing up was a book called -- your mom told us -- "dreams can come true." >> a lot of laryngitis. >> sounds good. >> i don't think it's at all contagious. >> oh! okay. do the weather. >> let's take a look, show you
9:53 am
what -- >> i've got to get a new jacket. ♪ it's always a good time ♪ whoa oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ it's always a good time ♪ whoa oh, oh, oh, we don't even have to try it's always a good time ♪ >> a world shortage of bacon is unavoidable today, tuesday -- >> no! >> -- december 5th. >> oh! >> yes, i did. >> put it in there? >> okay, that's the recipe. >> i want you to get in there. >> oh, my goodness. do we have any music? >> bobby flay teaches this one to cook. he's a chef, not a miracle
9:54 am
worker. >> i want you to cut that onion in half. >> okay. >> be very careful. some chicken bones. >> are these the chicken bones? >> yeah. >> i mean, like if you think i'm going to do anything with chicken carcasses, we don't know each other. >> shall we? >> go. >> hey i just met you. >> and this is crazy. >> so here's my number. >> lose it, will you? ♪ hey i just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ ♪ ♪ so bad ♪ some day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say good by ♪ ♪ if i had known for just one second you would be back to bother me go on now go ♪ >> if i could, i would. ♪ baby baby baby oh, ♪ >> is that his song?
9:55 am
>> you know it. ♪ you don't have to be cool to rule my world ♪ ♪ all by myself anymore ♪ ♪ hey jumbo jumbo ♪ ♪ we are we are close as close can be so it don't matter what it is we look perfect to me so lucky indeed they can keep on talking it don't matter to me cause we are we are family ♪ ♪ we are we are we are we are we are we are we are we are family ♪
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